Frequently Asked Questions

Remember, if you have a very specific question you can always contact Demond Gems at (305) 803-5906 or use our contact form.

  1. What type of diamonds does Demond Gems buy?
    Demond Gems will buy almost any diamond, regardless of size, shape and quality. Simply call us to let us know what you have or complete the appraisal form. We'll get back to you within 3 business days and tell you what it's worth.

  2. Does Demond Gems buy jewelry?
    Yes, but we are only interested in diamond jewelry.

  3. Can you give me an exact price before seeing an item?
    Unfortunately, we cannot. There are too many variables that affect values. Also, we must physically inspect each item to formulate our offer. We are willing to extend preliminary quotes pending final inspection, but the reality remains that we must see the items in person to make accurate determinations of value.

  4. Do you provide written appraisals?
    No, we make our offers during personal telephone calls between our experts and our customers. An offer is how much we can pay right now for your item.

  5. Why should I trust Demond Gems with my diamonds?
    Demond Gems has the diamond expertise with the financial capabilities to provide our partners with liquidity on an ongoing basis. We do not want just one piece of business from you, we want a long-term relationship and to buy parcels of loose diamonds from you in the future. We want you to keep coming back. You will only do that if we keep you satisfied. References are also available.

  6. How quickly will I get my money?
    It will take no more than 3 business days for Demond Gems to appraise the items and make a formal offer. If you accept the offer from Demond Gems a check will be dispatched within 2 business days.

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