About Demond Gems, Inc.

Founded in 1998 by owner Manes Bejar, Demond Gems has become a leader in the global diamond trade. With over twenty years of diamond and jewlery experience we pride ourselves in offering an unrivaled level of customer service, quality merchandise and outstanding value.

Our main goal is to to establish long-lasting relationships with retailers and pawnbrokers by purchasing and selling their diamonds and diamond jewlery. We combine diamond expertise with the financial capabilities to provide our partners with liquidity on an ongoing basis.

  • Diamond Appraisal and Purchasing
  • Jewlery Appraisal and Purchasing
  • Direct Diamond Importers
  • Large Diamond Inventory
  • Manufacturer of Fine Jewlery
  • Gemological Institute of America Certified Gemologists
  • Member of Jewelers Board of Trade

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